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    اهم معلومات يجب ان تعرفها قبل التقديم فى وظيفه mud logging

    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    اهم معلومات يجب ان تعرفها قبل التقديم فى وظيفه Mudlogging

    قبل التقديم فى اى شركه للتوظيف يجب عليك معرفه بعض المعلومات المهمه التى تمكنك من انجاز بعض المهام ومنها


    Hook load

    This is the load on the hook this is the summation of the strings, i.e.; the bit and (BHA) bottom hole assembly

    Weight on bit

    It's always calculated from the hook load and its decrease on it.
    Since if the HL is 500 tones and suddenly became 400 tones so -this difference is due to the formation resistance and this is called the WOB
    Sand (lowest resistance) < shale < silt < lime < dolostone < anhydrite (highest resistance
    The higher the FM resistance, the higher the WOB

    C) Stand pipe pressure

    This is the pressure of the pumped fluids inside the pipes and hoses. This is related highly to the SPM

    D) Casing pressure

    This is the pressure of the pumped cement into casings

    E) Rotary speed

    The speed of rotation of the strings, which is, supported either from above on top drive or on the rotary table on rig floor

    F) Rotary torque

     The resistance of the formation to the drilling and rotation of strings
    The more the resistance of formation, the higher exerted torque

    G) Pump speed

    The speeds of pumping of mud inside the pipes, which depend on the number of, stroke per minute or in general the efficiency of pump

     Drilling fluids

    A) Volume
    B) Mud Wt (density) into and out from hole
    C) Mud temp into and out put from the hole
    D) Mud conductivity (resistivity) into and out put from hole

    ?Q: What are the sensors that feel all those parameters
    There are 3 types of the sensors such as
     Pressure transducer: ANALOUGE
    Standpipe pressure sensors
     Casing pressure sensors
     Hooks load sensors
     Torque sensors
     Mud weight sensors

    لتحميل الكتاب الخاص بكل التعريفات لااختصار الوقت