Permit to deploy and use

Permit to deploy and use

From this page you can learn about my dear brother / sister
on the most important conditions
 between the Code and the reader and her visitor

It allows the transfer of the topics in my site , but with 
put source in the end

It is strictly forbidden to trade the contents of the site free of designs , programs , classes , and so on ...

All comments reflect only the opinion of the authors , and not the site of any responsibility about it.

May not use the work of the site and products in violation of Islamic law sites
It is strictly forbidden to build business based on other owned site without taking prior permission from the employer

Entries operating under Creative Commons (Creative Commons Attribution ), in the sense that anyone is entitled to copy , distribute and transfer the business of the Code ( topics, products ... ) , but these shall be attributed to the work of the author or owner of the license.

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