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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Agiba Company Material in Oil And Gas Exploration

Agiba Company Material in Oil And Gas Exploration

The best material for petroleum company which include alot of information about oil and gas exploration

Monday, October 24, 2016

مكونات اجهزه الحفر الجزء الرابع

خيط الحفر ( STRING )

يقوم خيط الحفر بنقل الحركة الدورانية إلى الحافرة وكذلك يقوم بنقل سائل الحفر إلى البئر .
وفيما يلي تفاصيل خيط الحفر:

1. أنابيب  الحفر  ( Drill Pipe)

 وهي تمثل الجزء الأعلى من خيط الحفر وهي تدور وتدور معها الحافرة كل قطعة من أنابيب الحفر يطلق عليها (joint) وكل اثنان أو ثلاث قطع من انابيب الحفر تسمى( Stand) وكلما كان طوله أطول كلما كانت عملية الحفر اسرع , وتصنف أنابيب الحفر بالاعتماد على القطر , المتانة ( النوعية ) , أوزان الحديد  , أطوال الأنابيب 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Basics of Petroleum Geology book

Basics of Petroleum Geology

Today, I would like to share with you about this book, “Basics of Petroleum Geology ” which is a very Important book For Petroleum And Geology Engineer

There are not many books about Geology science in the internet

Skin effect

What is skin effect?

It is not unusual for materials such as mud filtrate, cement slurry, or clay particles to enter the formation during drilling, completion, or workover operations and reduce the permeability around the wellbore. This effect is commonly referred to as a wellbore damage and the region of altered permeability is called the skin zone. This zone can extend from a few inches to several feet from the wellbore. Many other wells are stimulated by acidizing or fracturing, which in effect increase the permeability near the wellbore. Thus, the permeability near the wellbore is always different from the permeability away from the well where the formation has not been affected by drilling or stimulation. A schematic illustration of the skin zone is shown in Figure below.

Those factors that cause damage to the formation can produce additionallocalized pressure drop during flow. This additional pressure drop is commonly referred to as Δpskin. On the other hand, well stimulation techniques will normally enhance the properties of the formation and increase the permeability around the wellbore, so that a decrease in pressure drop is observed. The resulting effect of altering the permeability around the well bore is called the skin effect.

where s is called the skin factor and defined as:
• Positive Skin Factor, s > 0
When a damaged zone near the wellbore exists, kskin is less than k and hence s is a positive number. The magnitude of the skin factor increases as kskin decreases and as the depth of the damage rskin increases.
• Negative Skin Factor, s < 0
When the permeability around the well kskin is higher than that of the formation k, a negative skin factor exists. This negative factor indicates an improved wellbore condition.
• Zero Skin Factor, s = 0
Zero skin factor occurs when no alternation in the permeability around the wellbore is observed, i.e., kskin = k.

1. Reservoir engineering handbook (fourth edition) - Tarek Ahmed, PhD, PE

Thursday, October 20, 2016

صيانه واصلاح الابار عربى مجانا

صيانه واصلاح الابار عربى مجانا

كتاب صيانه واصلاح الابار باللغه العربيه مجانا على موقعنا EGY PETROLEUM 

يعتبر هذا الكتاب من الكتب المهمه جدا فى مجال البترول حيث انه يحتوى على الكثير من المعلومات المفيده للطالب كتب هذا الكتاب فى جامعه الفرات -كليه الهندسه البتروكيميائيه-قسم هندسه البترول

ويقوم هذا الكتاب بشرح كيفيه عمل صيانه للابار وذالك لزياده الانتاجيه الخاصه بالبئر وتحسين معدل الانتاج اليومى

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

اجزاء ومكونات ابراج الحفر الجزء الثانى

اجزاء ومكونات ابراج الحفر الجزء الثانى

نتابع اليوم الجزء الثانى من شرح اجزاء الحفر او البريمه كنا قد تكلمنا فى الجزء الاول عن اهم اجزاء ابراج الحفر وهى

 Mast or Derrick,Substructure,Draw Work,Crown Black,Top drive

Sunday, October 16, 2016

أجزاء ومكونات برج الحفرالجزء الاول

 أجزاء ومكونات برج الحفر

إن كل برج حفر يتكون من أربعة أجزاء أساسية وهي :
1.     Hoisting and Rotation System.
2.     Mud circulation System.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Stabilizer Definition And Function

Stabilizer Definition And Function

Stabilizer or stabiliser are tools placed above the bit and along the 
bottom hole assembly 

Stabilizer consist of alength of pipe with blades on the external surface these blades may be either straight or spiral 

The function of stabilizer 

Controle hole deviation ■
Minimise dog-leg severity ■
 Prevent differential sticking ■
Reduce the buckling and bending stresses on drill collar ■
Increas bit life ■
Provide angle controle in direction drilling ■
Allow applying of higher weight on bit during drilling ■
Act as akey seat wiper when placed at top of collars ■

Standard IBS Specification

Extended Life IBS Specification 

Useful Unit Conversion Program

Useful  Unit Conversion Program

Unit conversion programe is the most important program for all engineers especially petroleum engineer becouse it save time and hard work for all engineers

This unit conversion program is totally free and very easy to use
 It will convert the most popular units such as  temperature, pressure,distance, volume, time, speed,  mass, power, density, energy and many others units

This program is very simple to use and work in it

This is the unit conversion program created by Josh Madison

 unit conversion programe provides a full range of tools to solve the most complex problems

These are some screenshots of this program

For Pressure

For Acceleration

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