Electrical Submersible Pump (E.S.P)

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Electrical Submersible Pump

Is an artifacial lift method where the subsurface pump will operate with an electric power transmited 
"from surface to the subsurface via acable "power cable

Tubing Suspended

Is atubing suspended pump inside the casing and discharge through tubing

It consists of

Surface equipment


"Switch board"motor controller

"Junction box "vent box

Surface cable "which transimitte the power from surface to  subsurface

"Subsurface equipment"from bottom&up


"Protector"seal section

Pump intake

Subsurface pump

Check valve

Drain valve

power cable

Consist of two type

"Flat cable...."to prevent stuck

"Roller....."has higher resistance

يتم التوصيل بين two parts بواسطه Splice

Operating Mechanism

The avialable primary voltage is transmitted to

three single phase transformer to convert the high voltage to lower voltage
one-three phase transformer to convert low primary voltage to higher one

then the power passes through the switch board which allow the current to pass if its on ON position

then the current will pass through the surface cable ,vent box,well 
head,and down in the well untile the motor

the motor will rotate which allows the pump rotation because they are coupled with each other rotation of pump will discharge the produced fluid through the discharge head to fill up the tubing then start producing on the surface

check valve is located above the pump in order to

Keep the tubing full off during shutdown 

Prevent the produced volum from falling back on the pump which may be cause rotation of the pump on the oppist direction which resulting in bearing failure


Drain valve

  Is used to get the tubing empty during pulling out of 
(the hole( POH

located below the check valve

 motor section the motor used with electrical submersible pump are

There phase

Self priming

Self lubricating

Const speed

Induction motor

   Frequency 50 HZ

Speed 2415 R.P.M

the motor is full of arery high qualified lube oil which absorb the heat generated during motor rotation transfers it to the motor housing which should be cooled by the produced fluid

therefor the pump should be placed above the perforations

seal section

The function of protector

 Protection motor luble oil against the invasion by the formation fluid

Connect the pump housin with the motor housing through coubling the motor shaft with the bottom of the protector shaft&pump shaft with the top of the protector shaft

Used as areservoir for the motor luble oil resulting from expansion during motor rotation &provides luble oil to the motor during the 
"motor shut down"cooling of the oil

Houses the thrust bearing of the pump


pump intake

Is the pump inlet where the produced fluid enter into the pump

 (in some cases (especially when the GOR is high 

abottom hole gas separator is used to separate the gas and divert it int annulus

the gas separator is also used as apump intake 

subsurface pump

 subsurface pump used as (self priming,multistage,centrifugal
( pump

It consists of more than one stage .each stage consist of arotating 
"part called "impeller
"mounted on the shaft and stationary part called "diffuser
 the production rate doesnt change from stage to another and mainly depend on the "shape,diameter 
"of the impeller while the head depends on the NO of stage



Is used to vent any gases which may travel with the cable to reach the switch board in order to avoid hazard of explosion or fire

therfor,the vent box should be located 35 feet as minimum from switch board and 15 feet as minimum from the well head


There are two type of cable



"The joint between them called"splice

each cable contains 3 conductor made of cupper or aluminium

each conductor is surrounded by an isulation made of rubber&plastics followed by jacket which protected by an armor made of bronze or steel


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