classification of the reservoir rocks

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petroleum reservoirs

classification of the reservoir rocks

classification of the reservoir rocks petroleum reservoirs Drilling  Well logging

Is tha portion of acontainer that contains the oil and gas found under ground

petroleum reservoirs

consists of two necessary element

categorization of the reservoir rock

Nearly all reservoirs are in unmetamorphased sedimentry displace and most of them in limestones,sandstones,dolomites

categorization of the thing rocks should be simplex and effortless but decisive becouse the petroleum geologist deals with galore categories of

non geologists in the create and should transport his noesis as simple and as cuneate as viable to them

a simpe primary classification of reservoir rocks based largely on 
:the origin of the rock divides them into three groups

Chimically or biochemically precipitated reservoir rocks

Fragmental or clastic reservoir rocks

Miscellaneous reservoir rocks

chimical reservoir rocks

The consist of mineral matter that was precipated at the place where the rocks were formed and arent transported

The chief chemical reservoir rock are carbonate sediment mostly limestone and dolomites as pricipitated as crystalline but some time consist of chalk an marl

The main biochimical agents in forming limestones are the algae,bacteria,corain,molluses,bryozoa,brachiopoda,and foraminifera

Limestone and dolomites are the most important of the chimical reservoir rock they contain nearly half of the world petroleum resirvoir

fragmental or clastic reservoir rocks

classification of the reservoir rocks petroleum reservoirs Drilling  Well logging

Fragmental reservoir rocks are aggregate of  particales fregments of mineral or fregments of older rocks

They are also cslled clastic rock becouse they consist of mineral and rock particles washed from areas that have been eroded

Particle size of rocks range from colloidal to boulders and pebbles

miscellaneous reservoir rocks

miscellaneous reservoir rocks include the igneous and metamorphic rocks mixtures of both frequeently forming the basement complex the reservoir space is usually in fractures in the brittle basement rocks However these are interesting geologically but rerely important commerically