Importantance of minor occurrence or showings

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 Importantance of minor occurrence or showings

Importantance of minor occurrence or showings

اهميه الاحداث السطحيه والاحداث التحت سطحيه

Although not important for economical development minor occurrences are consider important because

They indicate that some of the rocks in the area where they are found are possible oil source rock

حيث توضح هذه الاحداث السطحيه والتحت سطحيه انواع الصخور الموجوده فى هذه المنقطه المراد حفرها ومن ثم يعطى انطباع عن مدى وجود واحتماليه وجود الصخر الذى يعتبر بمثابه الصخور المصدره للبترول

They may indicate that economically important oil might have migrated from the rocks which contain these minor occurrences

تعطى هذه الاحداث معلومات عن هجره البترول وسريانه بين الصخور عن طريق تحليل هذه الاحداث السطحيه

They may indicate that they are on or near the edge of an important oil accumulation and thus these minor surface or subsurface occurrence may lead to amajor discovery nearby

Surface Occurrences


Importantance of minor occurrence or showings

Seepages,springs,imperegnated deposits ,bitumenous lakes and oil shales are common features of surface occurrences

petroleum as gas oil or liquid asphalt reaches the surface along fractures,faults,planes unconformities,joints,bedding plants or any connected porous opening in the rocks.spepages are mostly formed by the escape of petroleum in alarge quantities in the subsurface through these structural or erosional features

mud volcanoes and mud flows

Importantance of minor occurrence or showings

Mud volcanoes is ahigh-pressure gas seepage the carries with it water,sands,fragments of rock,and occassionally oil

Many mud volcanoes and mud flows occur south of the central range on the island of trindad

Subsurface occurrences

Underground or subsurface occurances of petroleum may be 

:divided according to their size into

Minor oil and gas showing 

Oil and gas accumulations pools,fields,and provinces

Minor oil and gas showing

Some gas and oil are found in most wells drilled in sedimentary rocks many oil showings are on the borderline between commerical and non commericial to differentiate between them is one of the problems confronting every petroleum geologist concerned withe drilling wells .the oil and gas showings may be observed directly or by means of tests and logging methods

Oil and Gas accumulation

Commericial petroleum deposits are classified into pools,field and provinces

Oil and Gas pools

Importantance of minor occurrence or showings

Pool is the simplest unit of commerical occurances of oil and gas accumulation

Its defined as the boody of oil and gas or both occurring in aseparate reservoir and under asingle pressure

Oil and Gas field

the group of pools related to one single geologic feature either structural,stratigraphie or lithofacial are called afield

Oil and Gas provinces

Apetroleum provinces is aregion in which anumber of oil and gas pools and fields occure in the similar or related geological