schlumberger test about drilling

schlumberger test about drilling

    Look at this picture and answer which well A,B,C will the highest 

    ?hydrostatic bottom hole pressure be recorded  

    Answer 1
    D cause HP depends on the TVD NOT MD or the shape of direction

    Answer 2

    Because the three wells have the same equal tvd and the same mud density

    Answer 3

    (Number (D
    because 3 wells have the same TVD and Hd depend on True vertical depth not on Measured depth and this angle doesn't affect on the pressure Value 
    Hd=0.52*Mud Density*TVd

    Answer 4

    D, all have the same depth (tvd) and same mud gravity , density.
    From phesics p equal to the weight of the virtical air +Wt of mud . 
    &all are equal 

    Answer 5

    it looks like the tvd in the 3 wells is equal so hp is same also tep also thermal gradient based on tvd also

    Answer 6

    D TVD is used in deviated wells and its equal to H in the bottom hole pressure


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