Yield Point and gel strength Mud Properties

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(Yield Point (YP

the difference between Yield Point and gel strength Mud Properties.gel strength .Yield Point Plastic Viscosity

Is resistance of initial flow of fluid or the stress required in order to move the fluid
the Yield Point (YP) is the attractive force among colloidal particles in drilling mud

The YP indicates the ability of the drilling mud to carry cuttings to surface at dynamic condition  Moreover, frictional pressure loss is directly related to the YP
. If you have higher YP, you will have high pressure loss while the drilling mud is being circulated

A unit of YP is lb/100 ft2

 the difference between Yield Point and gel strength Mud Properties.gel strength .Yield Point  Plastic Viscosity

يعنى هى قدره سائل الحفر على رفع الرواسب (cuttings) الى السطح فى حاله وجود عمليه ( circulation) للبئر يعنى فى حاله مايكون سائل الحفر (mud) فى حاله ديناميكيه او حاله متحركه

او هى المقاومه الاوليه لحركه السائل والضغط المطلوب او الجهد المطلوب لتحريك السائل من حالته الساكنه

وهى المسئوله عن القوه الجاذبه فى السائل فى حالته الغرويه

In oil-based mud, the causes of increasing in YP are listed below

 Drill solid – the more drill solid you have, the more YP will be

 Treatment CO2 in the mud with lime (CaO) – The lime (CaO) will chemically react with CO2 to form Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) which will increase the YP.

Low temperature – in the oil base system, the low temperate will increase the viscosity and the YP. Please keep in mind that this is 
opposite to the water base system

In water-based mud, the YP will be increased with following items

High temperature – the high temperature environment tends to increase the YP in the water base mud.
Contaminants such as carbon dioxide, salt, and anhydrite in the drilling fluids
Over treatment the drilling mud with lime or caustic soda

Operational impacts of the YP are as follows

Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) – The ECD typically increases when the YP increases.

Hole Cleaning – When you drill a large diameter hole, the YP in the drilling mud must be high in order to help hole cleaning efficiency.

In order to get the most optimized valve of PV for each a particular drilling campaign. It is very difficult to say how high of PV should be because it depends on several factors. Especially, if you are drilling in the new field, you may neek4d to start with general YP values, and then you will learn once you have experience in a particular field

The gel strength is the shear stress of drilling mud that is measured at low shear rate after the drilling mud is static for a certain period of time. The gel strength is one of the important drilling fluid properties because it demonstrates the ability of the drilling mud to suspend drill solid and weighting material when circulation is 

 Gel Strength indicates the ability of the drilling mud to carry  cuttings  at  static condition

الخاصيه الجيليه وهى مثل مايقال اسم على مسمى حيث يكون سائل الحفر على شكل ماده جيليه متماسكه حيث تعمل هذه الخاصيه على رفع وتحميل رواسب الحفر فى حاله السكون اى فى حاله Shutdown of pumps حتى تمنع حدوث ترسب هذه الرواسب على الدقاق مما تعمل على حدوث عمليه Stuck


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