Drilling software for Mud Engineer

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Drilling software for mud engineer

Basic Drilling Calculation For Mud Engineer is very important for mud ingineer 

which include

Pressure Gradient

Hydrostatic pressure

Specific Gravity Of Mud

 Hydrostatic Pressure is  created by fluid column and two factor effecting of  the hydrostatic pressure 

True Vericle Depth of hole and Mud Weight

Hydrostatic Pressure increase with increasing Mud Weight and True Verticle Depth

HP=.052 * Mud Weight *Trur Verticle Depth

Example: mud weight = 10.5 ppg
True Vertical Depth = 12,000 ft
HP = 10.5 ppg x 0.052 x 12,000 ft
HP = 6552 psi

Specific Gravity Of Mud

 Is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a reference substance

Mud weight increase by increasing sp.gr which increase the hydrostatic pressure

Pressure Gradient

Pressure gradient  = mud weight  x 0.052

Mud weigt = 10.5 ppg
Pressure gradient in psi/ft = 10.5 x 0.052
Pressure gradient in psi/ft = .545 psi/ft

This software can help mud engineer for all operation of mud Calculation

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