Petroleum Engineering Abbreviation Dictionary program

After Hard Working, finally, I finished the Program (Petroleum Engineering Abbreviation Dictionary), a very good program that makes searching for the Abbreviation meaning too easy

How to use the Program

The using of the program is very Simple , all you have to do is to Type the Abbreviation  in the box in (CAPITAL LETTERS) and click search button

Note: in some Cases there are small letter Abbreviation  like(bbl , Bcf..etc 

Downloading The Program

You can easily download the program by click HERE
Petroleum Engineering Abbreviation Dictionary

or new version of the program

NOTE: you new Java library installed in your PC to run this Program, to download Java library visit 

This Program is free for everyone 

Designed by Yasir Albeatiy

Contact Me at :yasrsport@gmail.com
Phone No: +9647503819322 

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