• Monday, September 26, 2016

    Petroleum Engineering Abbreviation Dictionary

    Petroleum Engineering Abbreviation Dictionary program

    After Hard Working , finally I finished the Program (Petroleum Engineering Abbreviation Dictionary),a very good program that make searching for the Abbreviation meaning too easy

    How to use the Program

    The using of the program is very Simple , all you have to do is to Type the Abbreviation  in the box in (CAPITAL LETTERS) and click search button

    Note: in some Cases there are small letter Abbreviation  like(bbl , Bcf..etc 

    Downloading The Program

    You can easily download the program by click HERE

    NOTE: you new Java library installed in your PC to run this Program, to download Java library visit 

    This Program is free for everyone 

    Designed by Yasir Albeatiy

    Contact Me at :yasrsport@gmail.com
    Phone No: +9647503819322 

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