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    well control equations ebook

    well control equations book

    Well control is one of the most important subjects for drilling engineer it used to minimize the potential for the well to flow or kick and to maintain control of the well in the event of flow or a kick. Well-control applies to drilling, well-completion, well-workover, abandonment, and well-servicing operations

    well control used to  maintaining the fluid column hydrostatic pressure and formation pressure to prevent influx of formation fluids into the wellbore

    well control equations ebook is one of the most important subjects for drilling engineer (IWCF)

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    this ebook “Well Control Equations” to help people solve problems in well control easily
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    These are well control equation in this ebook 

    All type of pressure 

    Pressure (P) – psi
    Pressure Gradient (G) – psi/ft
    Hydrostatic Pressure (HP) – psi
    Bottom Hole Pressure (BHP) – psi
    Under static condition and Under dynamic condition
    Formation Pressure (FP) – psi

    Density and Mud Weight equation

    Equivalent Circulating Density (ECD) , ppg
    Leak-off Test Equivalent Mud Weight (LOT), ppg
    Maximum Initial Shut-In Casing Pressure (MISICP), psi
    Kill Mud Weight to Balance Formation (KMW), ppg
    Slow Circulation Rate (SCR), psi
    Annulus Capacity Factor (ACF),bbl/ft
    Final Circulating Pressure (FCP), psi
    Surface To Bit Strokes, strokes
    Circulating Time, minutes
    Capacity Factor (CF), bbl/ft
    and more equations

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