Basics of Petroleum Geology book

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Basics of Petroleum Geology

Today, I would like to share with you about this book, “Basics of Petroleum Geology ” which is a very Important book For Petroleum And Geology Engineer

There are not many books about Geology science in the internet
and this book is good and simple book
The book is written in a simple language therefore everyone can understand this topic so easy without any problem

Let’s take a look what you will learn in this book and Content

this book explain the difference between The Source Rock and The Reservoir Rock
and differance between type of traps and basic component of organic mateer in sediments


The science of petroleum geology

Formation of an oil accumulation

Basic components of organic matter in sediments

The Petroleum System

The Source Rock and The Reservoir Rock

The Trap and type of traps and Migration Processes

Stratigraphic traps

Reservoir Porosity and Permeability

Types of porosity

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