Twist-Off Definition And How To identify them?

الصفحة الرئيسية

Twist-Off: Parting or breaking of the drill pipe due to fatigue or excessive torque

Another Definition

To separate the drill string during rotation, usually from excess torque

surface signs of twist off include

loss of drillstring weight*

drop in pressure*

increasd pump speed*

increased rotary speed *

reduce drilling torque*

 مشكله ال Twist-Off هى مشكله تحدث نتيجه زياده ال Torq على ال Drill String مما يودى ال انهيار او كسر فى عمود الحفر

علامات Twist-Off وكيفيه التعرف عليه يكون :

نقص شديد فى وزن عمود الحفر

نقص فى الضغط

زياده فى سرعه المضخات

زياده فى سرعه ال rotary