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كتاب طارق احمد فى الخزانات البتروليه Reservoir Engineering Handbook

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Book Name:Reservoir Engineering Handbook

Author: Tarek Ahmed

Language: English

Number of pages: 1463 Pages

price: Free

Size: 16.6MB


Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Reservoir Fluid Behavior

Chapter 2 Reservoir Fluid Properties

Chapter 3 Laboratory Analysis of Reservoir Fluids

Chapter 4 Fundamentals of Rock Properties

Chapter 5 Relative Permeability Concepts
Chapter 6 Fundamentals of Reservoir Fluid Flow
Chapter 7 Oil Well Performance
Chapter 8 Gas Well Performance
Chapter 9 Gas and Water Coning
Chapter 10 Water Influx
Chapter 11 Oil Recovery Mechanisms and the Material Balance Equation
Chapter 12 Predicting Oil Reservoir Performance
Chapter 13 Gas Reservoirs
Chapter 14 Principles of Waterflooding
Chapter 15 Vapor Liquid Phase Equilibria
Chapter 16 Analysis of Decline and Type Curves
Chapter 17 Fractured Reservoirs
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