Jet pump artificial lift

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Jet pump artificial lift

Is ahydrulic pump where the pump is transmited from the surface equipment to the 
"subsurface pump by means of fluid called"power fluid

Concept of jet pump

Bernollws equation

{v^2 \over 2}+gz+{p\over\rho}=\text{constant}

There is an anverse proportion between P&V

Continvity equation

There is on inverse proportion between A&V

The jet pump installation may be

Jet pump artificial lift

Free installion insid atubing

Fixed at the bottom of the tubing

Lower&lifted by wire line

Surface equipment of jet pump

Power fluid tank

Surface pump


Sub surface equipment of jet pump 

Jet pump artificial lift


Throat or mixing tube


Production inlet chamber

note: the length of jet pump from 60-70 cm

power fluid

May be oil or water 

Advantage of using the water as apower fluid

Water is prefer from the safty&environmental point of view 

Required lower surface pressure

Dis advantage of using the water as apower fluid

Additional cost due to chemicals addition to water to improve its properties mainly its lubricity

Advantage of using oil as apower fluid

Increase the pump life due to the oil viscosity

Reduce maintance jobs due to oil viscosity

If the well produce heavy viscous crude ,light oil may be used as apower fluid to mixed with heavey to facilitate its production and transportation

Dis advantage of using oil as apower fluid

When the oil is used as power fluid may cause some confusion in interpretation of the well test results,therfore the power 
(fluid (in&out
should be accuratly measured to determine the actual production rate from the test

The operation depend on

High pressure of power fluid with low velocity which pass through nozzle which created very very high velocity and very very low pressure then mixed with production fluid (low 
(velocity&increase pressure
which required to lifting the crude oil to the surface

Advantage and dis advantage of jet pump

Advantage of jet pump

Setting depth is limited

Can handle solids&corrosive fluids

Can be run in crooked holes due to it has small lengh &no moving parts

Can fits in all bottom hole assemblies

Applicable in off shore

Handle high production rate

Applicable to multiple completion

Can handle gassy production,low gravity and high pour point crude oil

Can use gas or electricity as apower source 

Unobtrusive in urban location

Dis advantage of jet pump

Power oil system is fire hazard

Power fluid used is missing cost

Design system is more complex

Pump may be cavitate under acertain condition

Relatively inficient lift method