Drilling and Completion Drilling Equipment

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Drilling and Completion

Drilling and Completion Drilling Equipment


Functions of casing

Drilling and Completion Drilling Equipment

Types of Strings of Casing



A short string of casing  of a large dimeter which is normally the first casing string to be run in the hole

 Surface Casing

A string of casing set in a wellbore to case off any freshwater sands at shallow depths and it set below the conductor pipe 

 Intermediate Casing

A string of casing set in the borehole to prevent the hole from caving and seal off a formation

 Production Casing

A casing string which used as a production tubing to run  complete the well for production


A string of casing which placed at which awell is to be drilled and used to save the money of drilling

Example Hole and String Sizes

Casing in an exploration well

Casing in development well

Running the casing

Casing Collar

Test BOP System

Installing the Casing


Making perforation

Running production tubing

 Casing Accessories

Guide show

is used to guide the csg through doglegs and restriction in the hole and to protect lower edge of the csg

Float shoe

Guide show contains valve element(ballor flapper )prevents cement from flowing back into csg

Casing shoes (reaming type

Casing shoe (Directional type

Float collars

one way valve placed at one or two joints above the shoe prevents mud from entering

the csg while it is being lowered inside and cement from flowing back into csg


advice run around the casing which is designed to support and centralize the casing in deviated wellbores

هى عباره عن اداه تستخدم لجعل ماسوره الحفر فى مركز الحفره حيث تساعد drill string على عدم الانحراف يمين او يسار اثناء عمليه الحفر


advice fastened to the outside of the casing which removes mud cake and the promote a good cement job

هى عباره عن اداه تستخدم لتنظيف البئر من خارج ال casing عن طريق ازاله mud cake اثناء عمليه ال cementing وذالك لعمل روابط جيده بين ال cement وwellbore well

selection of casing setting depths

Fracture gradient Definitionand importance

The forces affecting on the casing

external force

Which result from an external pressure which tends to collapse the casing

internal force

Which result from an internal pressure which tends to burst the casing

Longitudinal or axial loading

Axial loading my be tension due to dead load or compression due to buoyancy

Classification of CSG

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