Well logging measurement Neutron log

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Neutron log

Well logging measurement Neutron log

القياسات التى تتم عن طريق النيوترون اثناء تسجيلات الابار

Neutron tools measure the amount of hydrogen in the formation and relate it to porosity

High hydrogen content indicates water or liquid hydrocarbons

shale sedimentary rocks don't contain hydrogen in their composition


Is a porosity logging tool which depends on the presence of hydrogen which may be found in oil, water, gas or chemical composition of some rocks such as shale

The neutron log is the most affected by shale


Neutron are electrically neutral particles with a mass approximately equal to that of a hydrogen atom

High-energy neutrons are emitted from the chemical source

The neutrons collide with a nucleus of the formation minerals in elastic-type collisions

Neutron will lose the most energy when they hit something with equal mass such as hydrogen atom and enter in the thermal state

A few microseconds after being released, the neutron has lost significant energy and enter the thermal state

When in the thermal state, the neutron is captured by the nucleus of other atoms

The detector on the tool may detect epithermal neutrons or high energy gamma ray of capture

Compensate neutrons tools detect epithermal neutrons and use a ratio of near-to-far detector counts to determine porosity

Sidewall neutron tools detect epithermal neutrons and have less matrix effect

The type of neutron logging tools


Detect thermal neutron

Has one source and two detector

Can be used in either uncased or cased hole


Detect epithermal neutron

Has asingle detector

Can be used in open hole



Neutron application

Can be used to determine porosity

Determine the amount of liquid filled the zone 

Can be used in combination with neutron to determine saturation and lithology

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هى طريقه تستخدم لمعرفه كميه الهيدروجين الموجود داخل البئر ومن خلاله يمكن معرفه ماذا كان هذا البئر يحتوى على كميه كبيره من الماء او السوائل 

ومن خلال ذالك يمكن مقارنتها بمساميه التربه ومعرفه مدى وجود مساميه فى التربه من عدمه

القياسات التى تتم عن طريق النيوترون اثناء تسجيلات الابار