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Dip and Strick
Guide Fossil
Core Simple

?Give sex type of sedimentry rock

?To form an oil pool four factours are required

what the differance between

Normal and Resvers fault
Anticline and Syncline
Structural and Stratigraphic trap

 Define: Fault, Joint

 Fault: a fracture with a displacement
Joint: a fracture without displacement

Give short note about

 Lag time: the time mud takes from mud tanks to surface

 Mud Circulation: the way mud takes from mud tanks through flow lines, pipes, then go back again to mud tanks

Mud logging unit: a unit servicing mud logging operations

Define the following

Formation: a stratigraphic unit characterized by limited geologic age and known by lithology and fossil content

Unconformity: a gap in time in the stratigraphic column which is
resulted either due to erosion or non-deposition

 Index fossil: a special type of fossil characterized by high areal extent and limited geologic age. It is used in determining age of a
 formation and correlation

 Sequence: a group of strata that is characterized by an unconformity below and above

Total porosity: the volume of rock that is pore space measured 

 Effective porosity: the volume of rock that is connected pores

 Permeability: the ability of rock to conduct fluid measured by mdarcy

 Mobility: the ability of fluids to move through connected pores

 Wettability: the ability of rock to adhere water molecules

Cement: a precipitated chemical material between rock grains calcite

Matrix: a detrital material between rock grains (clay, mud

 Reservoir rock: a rock characterized by enough porosity and
permeability to storage and produce hydrocarbons

 Seal: a rock characterized by very or zero permeability and high
ductility that it can prevent fluids from migration

 True dip: the angle of dip that is measured in a direction normal to the strike line

 Apparent dip: the angle of dip that is measured in a direction other normal to the strike line

 Hydrocarbon: a chemical compound composed mainly of Hydrogen and Carbon

 Moveable water: free water moving in pores between grains
Connate water: or restricted water which is deposited during rock
deposition and associated with irreducible reservoirs

 Mention factors controlling porosity
Packing, overburden pressure, cement, matrix

 Mention factors controlling rock permeability
Shale volume, connected porosity, tortousity

(Choose the correct answer: (right answer in blue color

 Shale has (High- Low) effective porosity and very (High- Low)

 High gamma ray response in front of a zone preliminary indicates 
(the zone is (clean- shaly- not enough information

 If Anhydrite is present in a Lime stone formation, the apparent density

limestone porosity will be (too low- too high- the same- not enough

 Resistivity of a solution is directly proportional to its salinity (true

( SP log could be used to calculate shale volume (true- false

- Hydrocarbon properties depend on ( its composition- reservoir
conditions- not enough information

What do you know about

 Clysmic fault: a rift at the eastern part of the Gulf of Suez. Clysmic faulting was initiated in Oligocene and continued into Post Miocene time

Attic oil: residual oil which can not be extracted from a reservoir
Oil water contact: the contact line between oil and water in reservoir

 Transition zone: in a reservoir it is found between oil and water, gas and
oil, and between invaded and un-invaded zone (intermediate zone) in
structural geology it is defined as a deformed zone between two undeformed zones

Define the trap 

A trap is a geological phenomenon based on structure, lithology and it’s a ability to capture or trap oil

 What is the rock name that has the following chemical

 Ca So4 Anhydrite
 CaCo3 Limestone
 CaSo4. 2H2o Gypsum
 Ca Mg (Co3)2 Dolomite
Na Cl Halite

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