• Friday, July 15, 2016

    نموذج امتحان شركه خالده للبترول

    نموذج امتحان شركه خالده للبترول

    Answer The Following Questions

    ? What the difference between yield point and gel strength
    ?What the difference between kelly and kelly bushing

    What the difference between hydrostatic pressure and overburden 

    ?What the difference between float collar and drill collars

    ?What the difference between surge and swab


    ?What are the factor affecting rate of penetration

    ?What are the functions of drilling mud

    what is the function of the 

    Drilling Jar


    Drilling Collar

    Float Coller

    Salt Saturated Mud

    ?What are the different type of bits

    ?What are the indication having akike

    ?What are the type of  stuck and how to identfy

    ?When we need to perform two stage cement

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